Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty Sacred Light Sound Bath and Market Place - Sacred Light Soundbaths and Crystals

Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty Sacred Light Sound Bath and Market Place

Dreamers + Doers: Sacred Light

Living in Los Feliz, Arlene Uribe of Sacred Light is no stranger to one of the most magical and unique healing tools, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Here we chat with her as she tells us about her spiritual path and her ability to lead others back to their natural vibrational being, through the healing powers of sound. 
What's led you to start Sacred Light? 
I feel strongly that I was guided to do this. It was a 9 year process from the time I was introduced to a Sound Bath to practicing on others. My entire working career had been in fashion. As my family went on the journey of helping my father in law heal naturally upon his diagnosis of cancer this began the path of learning about natural healing. The lesson ended with a Sound Bath for him as he transitioned to the next realm. It was the saddest and most beautiful experience. After his passing I would celebrate my birthday with a Sound Bath that I would host for friends and family. It was my favorite way to celebrate with those I loved the most. I had always felt their was another path for me aside from the clothing industry but I didn't know what it was. Upon a visit to my friend who is a healer and Naturopathic doctor having the sound bath experience with the alchemy crystal bowls It was a confirmation I should maybe go on that path. Synchronistically there was a Sound Conference happening in Oakland which I persuaded my husband to drive me to for the weekend very last minute. It was there I purchased my first set of  Crystal Tones Alchemy Bowls. My husband was so supportive like he always is. He said if this is what you think you want to do buy them and start practicing. I came home with the most magical set of crystal singing bowls and started hosting events at my home for friends and family. As the practice started  growing I wanted a space outside my home I could invite the public to. I found a perfect spot in Los Feliz that happened to be available for a short period of time. It happened super fast and I followed my intuition and opened up a space where I would sell crystals  t-shirts-, crystal jewelry and host weekly sound baths. The community embraced the concept and I was fortunate enough to be able to stay in the space for 7 months. The experience was so beautiful. The space attracted the most loving beautiful souls. The energy cultivated in the space was pure magic. I had so much support  from my daughter,son,reiki healers, my mom and always by my side my amazing husband. They all contributed to making the space such a special part of the community if only for a short time:) 
From beginning to the end, can you describe a Sound Bath session? 
I start out each Sound Bath by vocal toning as a group. Each chakra has a corresponding sound and when you chant it you begin to clear and release any stagnant energy in your body. Once this is complete everyone lays down and relaxes on their back. I then set an intention for the Sound Bath which is always unconditional Love for ourselves and others and we visualize being covered in golden light. I then will start to play the bowls while  reading  a short guided meditation from my friends Jessica Snows beautiful book 99 meditations. Once I am done you relax and allow the frequency of the bowls to work through you on a cellular level and release any energy that no longer serves you.   For most of my sound baths I have reiki masters Christine Phan, Camille Langston and Andreia Brancagliao join me and  infuse each person with reiki light during the Sound Baths. I believe this is the perfect time to receive reiki because your spirit is in such a receptive open meditative state. Once that process is done I gently guide people back into their bodies and we close the session:) 
Tell us more about the Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls + Sound Healing! 
The Crystal Alchemy Bowls are Created in Utah by a company called Crystal Tones. These Alchemy Crystal singing bowls are the most magical healing instruments I have ever worked with. They are all unique and one of a kind  and constructed out of Quartz crystal and infused with different  crystals such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Morganite, Ruby and many others. Each bowls is a music note and also corresponds with a certain Chakra. When I play certain bowls you can feel them in certain parts of your body strongly. The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, you feel them in your body, with certain tones affecting your energy centers (chakras) for healing, balancing & meditation.
What is a Sound Bath? 
For those of you who are wondering what a sound bath is and what it does: Therapeutic instruments, such as crystal singing bowls, stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind.  
Alpha brainwaves are present during light meditation, daydreaming and deep relaxation. Theta brainwaves are present during REM dreaming sleep, deep meditation and hypnosis. These states are considered the gateway to the subconscious mind and it's here where we experience heightened creativity, depth of imagination and access to the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place. 
How has living in Los Angeles effected your practice? 
Living in Los Angeles has been such a perfect match for what I have created with Sacred Light. There is such a beautiful mix of souls with such an open heart and mind. The Los Feliz community has embraced the store and the Sound Bath practice with such loving arms. 
Is there any particular thing that has inspired your work over the years? 

What has lead me on my current path is watching people I love and their kids become ill. Illness doesn't discriminate. A beautiful friend Dr. Matea who is a naturopathic doctor inspired me on the sound healing path by giving me a sound bath experience I will never forget. The frequency of the crystal singing bowls took me to such an ethereal dimension that I wanted to stay in that feeling of love and light. After having that experience I felt guided to  bring that sense of inner peace to others. 

Anything coming up for you that you're excited about? 

I have temporarily moved my Sound Baths into a private Residence in Los Feliz on Friday Nights and Sunday afternoons. I am really loving connecting with people in a peaceful small intimate environment. Having the ability to cultivate the energy of a space is really important to me. I have found a new space that I love.  I am working on a short term lease (another pop up). Nothing is set in stone but I am trusting that I am being guided. 

What's next for you and Sacred Light? 

I eventually would like to grow Sacred Light into a Healing Center. I think communities need a healing sanctuary they can visit to care for their mind, body and spirit. I am looking for either another pop up location or a permanent location I can settle into for a while:).

You can find Sacred Light here for a Dreamers + Doers Full Moon Sound Bath on 10/16 from 12PM-1PM followed by a marketplace from 1-3PM Check out more details on the event using link below!