Rose Morro of Bliss Energy Healing

Rose Morro of Bliss Energy Healing is an energy healer based out of San Clemente, California, who practices and is certified in the Emotion Code™, Body Code and T3 healing which uncovers and transforms emotional, physical and financial blockages. 

 Rose started working with energy healing systems in 2010. She became certified in The Emotion Code in 2013 and The Body Code in 2014. After studying T3 for two years to clear limiting beliefs, she became certified in 2016.

Physically, these systems have healed the sciatica in her right hip, reduced headaches and neck pain. Emotionally this healing has unstuck her life. Family relationships have been renewed. Her family has learned to let go of past trauma and now sees adversity as an opportunity to grow with love and acceptance. The magic of energy healing ​has opened the door to forgiveness, trust, happiness, connection and self-care.
Allow her to help you on your journey and open your door to transformation!