Aura Photography

  • $55.00

"When you learn about the aura, you can begin to see and appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy". - Guy Coggins, inventor of the Aura Camera 6000


Aura Portrait Session is approximately 10 minutes $55 per portrait

You will receive one polaroid film portrait of you along with an informational card that interprets each colors meaning.

 Location: 1939 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles 90027

Metered street parking is available. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check in. If we can see you sooner than scheduled we will.

What is an Aura:

“In simplest terms the aura is a field of energy that emanates from all things. Some may see it as a band of color or colors; others might describe the appearance of an aura as waves of light or motion, and still others indicate that they can “feel” certain things just by being close to another person’s energy. In Western religious history the aura has been associated with the halo. In mysticism the aura is connected to the astral or non-physical body. Although some individuals contend that there is no such thing as an aura, in the twentieth century Kirlian photography provided what for many became scientific evidence for the existence of the aura. Kirlian photography is able to capture evidence of the energy fields surrounding all living things and can also depict phantom energy that is no longer present from a living object. For example, even after a leaf has been torn from a plant, a Kirlian photograph will still display a faint image of the leaf that has been removed. In the same way a fingerprint is unique to the individual the aura is unique, as well. Ultimately, the aura is the vibrational manifestation of everything that exists about a person. Countless people have actually had experiences with the human aura without really knowing it at the time or realizing what they have encountered. Have you ever come in contact with another person and instantly had the feeling of wanting to take a step back, as though something was repelling you? Conversely, have you ever met someone for the very first time and had the feeling of being instantly drawn to that individual? Both of these experiences note how it can “feel” to be in proximity to another person’s energy field or vibration. There is an instantaneous effect that another individual’s aura and vibration have upon your own.” Edgar Cayce

How Aura Photography Works:

Using hand sensors, the system takes in physiological data from the subject across a number of parameters. It picks up subtle differences between acupressure points which, according to metaphysical beliefs, correspond to heart, throat, and crown energy centers. The system also compares the states of each hand for even more detail before providing a visualization of the subject’s aura as a colorful field around the body. These colors are believed to correspond to your auric state. It is believed that the human field changes from time to time as a function of emotions, aura balance, energy level and one's views on life.