Sacred Sustenance Spray

Sacred Sustenance Spray

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This blend is a gift from nature to help you attune to the feeling of abundance. It can assist you with manifesting by keeping you grounded, clear and focused. When using it, you may have inspirational ideas and dreams, which will guide you on how to expand abundance in your life.


  • Desiring to manifest something but having difficulty. Feeling blocked or frustrated, not able to make progress on something creative you are trying to accomplish.
  • Having a feeling of lack in any area of your life – not enough time, money, support, love, etc.
  • Struggling with survival issues, not having a home, car, job, enough food, etc.
  • Fear of not having enough money, fear or losing money you have, hoarding, stealing.
  • Excessive worry, inability to relax, impatience, lack of clarity on how to solve financial problems.
  • Feeling chaotic, disorganized, unproductive, unable to get things done – not feeling grounded.

This oils comes in two forms: a mister and an anointing or massage oil.

Mister – spray 6-8 inches above and in front of you head.
Can be used at bedtime, before meditation or any time during the day.
The essential/anointing oil is diluted in Jojoba and can be worn as a personal fragrance, applying to pulse points such as wrist, neck, navel and back of knees. It can also be massaged on to feet or the whole body.

Grounding oils: Vetiver, Spikenard and Sandalwood.
Stimulating oils including Cinnamon, Lemon.

How can this oil help you?
Dr. Matea has found that many people face issues of difficulty manifesting their desires in life, whether it was for more money, love, more time etc. When she spends time in nature, she feels that life is meant to be abundant and nature is abundant. Nature gives us so many resources – shade from a tree, power from a river, moisture from rain, sun to energize us, food etc. Nature is constantly pouring out gifts to us. Lack or feeling of limitation is a human quality or dilemma. Dr. Matea asked the nature spirits or Angel Devas for a blend that would attune us to their frequency of abundance. It’s almost like just changing the channels on the radio. We can sing sad songs if we want — or we can change the channel and pep up a bit, tune into a different vibe.

When you are having difficulty manifesting in your life, there is always an issue with being grounded. People who accomplish things in life are clear, focused and productive which requires being grounded. People who procrastinate or fail to accomplish always have issues with being grounded and calm. When there is lack, there is fear. When we have fear, we speed up, breathe shallowly and move faster, often more frantically but not necessarily more productively. This oils help you to slow down, ground and be more calm, which ultimately results in you being more productive.

Additionally, when you meditate with this blend you may receive inspirational ideas or visions. Visualization is very important to manifesting. You may have something you want to accomplish but are not sure how, the idea may come to you while spending time in contemplation, meditation, upon first awakening or after spending time in nature. Keep a journal handy to write down your ideas. When you work with a blend like this, realize and visualize you have 20 angels overshadowing you to give you protection, inspiration and guidance. We are meant to live abundantly and there is always a divine solution to every problem. We just have to ask, be receptive and make time to listen. This has been one of our best selling blends.

You will receive one (1) Sacred Sustenance Spray, exactly as shown in the picture with a love note describing its properties. It will be gift-wrapped, charged with our singing bowls, and infused with Reiki energy before being sent out.

Blessings of love and abundance,

Sacred Light


Please be advised: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.