Tumbled Pink Chalcedony

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Pink Chalcedony

Heart Chakra 

 The frequency of pink Chalcedony connects to the heart chakra, gently stimulating one’s heart centre so that one is able to become emotionally stable and view life’s experiences with a heart centered awareness.The energy of pink Chalcedony helps to protect one’s emotional body so that one is not overcome with powerful emotional issues and helps one to remain calm in emotional situations.It opens our hearts to divine love, gently assists in releasing emotional pain.The high vibration also connects with the Angelic realm, enabling Angelic communication and understanding. Pink chalcedony helps soften the aftermath of traumatic events, especially when used in conjunction with girasol quartz, making it easier to let go and move on. It encourages warm-heartedness.


You will receive one (1) tumbled Pink Chalcedony about 1-1.5" in size similar to the one in the photo with a card describing its properties. It will be gift-wrapped and charged with our singing bowls, Archangel Michael Spray, and inf 

Please be advised: The crystal properties are listed for information purposes only and are not intended to replace or be used as medical treatment.

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