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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing:

Using contemporary scientific theory to explain how Crystal Healing works

Written by Aleph Healing

Crystal healing as a treatment modality harnesses the energetic properties of crystals to influence the patient’s energy field to return to its specific healthy vibrational frequency. Because different people and different layers of their subtle bodies vibrate at different frequencies specific to their natural, healthy state, different crystals are used as each crystal has its own base resonance frequency. In practicing crystal healing, the skill is to know what crystals to use for what purpose.

Throughout human history, this principle has been applied to healing and crystals revered for the effects they were considered to have. This experiential knowledge, carried through generations, may not have been explicitly using quantum physics to explain or justify the efficacy of what people did or believed, but we now know that there was a scientific basis to this body of knowledge.

It is important to understand how different cultures have used and revered crystals over time, as aspects of this knowledge are still used in modern crystal healing practices. 


It is believed that Crystal history started in the age of Atlantis when the advanced civilizations used crystals to enhance the cosmic forces. This supplied power for all of their practical and physical needs. When people started to become egocentric and misused their power, Atlantis was destroyed. The people who survived Atlantis fled to Egypt and Peru. The pyramids perfect shape duplicates a crystal lattice and it is believed that the pyramids of Giza were originally capped with giant crystals to help ground and use this cosmic energy.

In Exodus [XXVIII. 12.29] in the Bible it is recorded that the high priest wore a breastplate made of twelve precious jewels that would give Aaron the power of God. Aaron was the first high priest and was Moses’ brother. Aaron was given instruction from God as to how the breastplate was to be made. Each of the stones carried the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. When the high priest needed to ask God a question, he answered through the stones.

The people of Atlantis and the Old Testament Israelites were not the only people to use and revere crystals. Here is a synopsis of how other cultures used crystals:

The Ancient Egyptians:

The Ancient Egyptians wore crystals primarily for protection and health. The pharaohs would always carry two cylinders, one made of copper and the other of zinc, filled with quartz. These were said to balance the Ka and Ba energies of the body. The equivalent of Yin and Yang today. When the dead were buried a piece of quartz was placed on the third eye to help guide them to the afterlife.

Crystals have always been linked to royalty throughout history. They were worn as jewelry and in Crown's. There were also laid in swords and thrones. Many were buried with an array of elaborate crystals.

Crystals were worn in crowns by ancient rulers in order to enhance their wisdom. They were also worn on certain fingers in order to channel certain purpose and influence into their lives.

Many dancers wore rubies in their navel in order to enhance their sexuality. Crystals used to adorn the third eye to assist the wearer in staying attuned to God. Necklaces were worn over the heart to bring love into the wearer’s lives. Gemstones worn as earrings would stimulate the reflex points that would act on other areas of the body.

Ancient Egyptians used ground lapis lazuli and malachite as eye makeup.


Chinese emperors were buried in Jade armor as a symbol of wealth and power.


The ancient Greeks would rub themselves all over with iron ore [crushed hematite] believing that this would make them invincible in battle.


Kings in India collected crystals to use as protective amulets. As early as 400BC, astrologers advised people with problems to wear certain stones or crystals to counteract the negative influences of the planets. They advised people to wear hematite when there was a problem with Mars energy. Hematite contains iron and it has since been discovered that Mars has a very high content of iron ore.


Many of the medical practices in ancient times treated people by having them wear crystals as amulets and talismans. In ancient Rome they were worn for health, protection and to attract desirable things.

Mayan and American Indians:

Mayan and American Indians have used crystals to diagnose and treat disease. There are also used as objects of divination to see into the future.

They were used as ancient tools and weapons. When two pieces of flint are struck together so that one breaks, the curved edge is as sharp as a blade of steel. Flint is also piezoelectric so was used to spark when they were struck together. This was very useful for starting fires.


The ancient Japanese were very adept at the art of scrying using transparent crystal balls. Crystal balls produce visions as the light reflecting from the polished surface eventually tires out the optic nerve so its stops transmitting an external image. Thus the ball disappears or “mists over” just before a vision is seen. Without an exterior image to fix itself on, the eye then responds to stimulus coming from the mind of the gazer.

Prehistoric Irish:

Pre-historic humans constructed Megaliths, or tribal burial chambers, according to the texture, weight, color and resonance of the stone. Huge stones were transported over vast distances. An example of a Neolithic burial chamber was uncovered by a team of scientists from Princeton University. They were experimenting at the Newgrange Megalith in Ireland [from 3500BC]. They used instruments to broadcast different frequencies until the natural lowest resonance of the chamber produced an internal vibration. This was the same frequency as produced by an adult male voice. It would seem ancient man had found a way of amplifying the sound of his voice within resonant rocks.

As crystals are worn their energies react to the human electromagnetic field in order to bring in subtle healing energy and improvement in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. Since ancient times gemstones have been revered and used. This trend continues into the present time.


Crystals have many technological uses in our modern world. They have been shown to one of the best and most stable conductors for energy. They are also excellent at concentrating energy so that it may be directed to a specific spot. These are the same qualities that make them so useful for directing energy to the various parts of the human physical and subtle anatomy which need healing.

Listed below are some of their uses in modern technology:

  1. Silicon chips are used to provide memory in every computer manufactured. They have the ability to store information and they are also used in healing by accessing stored information in the crystal that may relate to the origin of a disease.
  2. Diamond tip drills are used to drill into very hard material. Specifically diamonds are used. This level of hardness makes them hard to destroy or damage, making them very durable.
  3. Quartz crystals are incorporated into watches and clocks to provide accurate measurement of time. The Quartz is used as the crystal lattice provides stability of structure and regularity of flow of any electromagnetic energy that moves through it. This is an excellent quality when used in healing as it regulates and balances the energy being directed through the crystal.
  4. Many crystals are piezoelectric, meaning when they are compressed, twisted or changed they acquire a charge. Through this, mechanical energy can be changed into the electromagnetic energy or vice versa. Piezoelectric crystals, such as Quartz, are still used in radio in order to stabilize channels as they get split so a broader spectrum of radio frequencies can be used. This quality assists one to understand how the crystal can be utilized to balance the energy of the subtle bodies and the chakras.
  5. A Quartz crystal microphone reacts to force from sound waves hitting the crystal and then the crystal changes the sound energy into electrical impulses which can then be amplified and broadcast. In this manner we can see how discordant energy is balanced and energy can be amplified using the crystal.
  6. Crystals such as Galena & Pyrite are used to make crystal radio receivers as they can transduce the electromagnetic energy of the radio signals and then transform them into sound waves that can be heard by the person listening to the radio. Crystal radios do not need batteries or any power source as they draw energy from the radio waves that are transmitted through the atmosphere. This demonstrates how some crystals can act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies. These crystals have also been shown to balance and regulate brainwaves.
  7. A Ruby crystal was the key component to the first laser developed by Bell laboratory in 1960. A ruby was used for it's amazing ability to focus and concentrate energy. Ruby lasers are used in microsurgery today as well as for reading a CD in a CD player. This is an excellent quality when directing healing energy to a specific area within the body.
  8. Television and cell phone screens are nearly always made from liquid crystals as crystals in a liquid state can carry light very precisely.
  9. It has been discovered that thousands of holographic 3-D images can be stored within a single crystal. The Oak Ridge National laboratories in Tennessee are currently considering utilizing Niobale related crystals to store all of the billions of Social Security information for the USA. [Gerber 2001: 326]. It was believed that, when Atlantis was destroyed, the knowledge of that time was stored in crystals known as “record keepers”. If we have the technology to store vast amounts of information in crystals then we are likely to be able to develop the technology to extract the information from the “record keepers”.
  10. Scientists have learned to artificially grow crystals with special energy characteristics, such as silicone in order to create solar cells. In a similar way, crystal healers use some laboratory grown crystals in healing, such as Aqua Aura Quartz, as they have a very specific energy frequency. Aqua Aura is a very high frequency stone and so is used in applications where a high frequency is needed, such as in work with the crown chakra.
  11. A crystal tip over a phonograph needle transfers mechanical vibration from the patterns on the record groove into electrical oscillations. These oscillations are amplified by the solid or transistor class An amplifier of the record player into an amplitude waves carried by electricity and fed into loud speakers (using magnetics) into actual sound waves reconstituted words and music (Gerber 2001: 337). In a similar manner, crystals may be used to translate energy from one form into another. They have properties which dissipate discordant energy and balance this energy to bring about healing.
Crystals are the most orderly structure in nature because they have the lowest state of entropy possible. Entropy is the measure of “disorder” of the system. The crystalline structure responds in unique ways to a wide spectrum of energy's and depending on the input of these energies, the crystals oscillate and thereby create a specific vibratory frequency of energy emission. The balanced state of the crystal lattice means that the energy flow through the lattice is conformingly balanced and constant. It also means that when discordant energy enters the lattice it is then balanced and transformed out of a state of flux. This helps to balance the human energy field and bring about a state of order in the body that is conducive to the amelioration of disease because the energy field has been returned to its natural, healthy vibrational frequency and this resonance influences the physical body to also return to its healthy state



Disease happens when there is an imbalance or blockage in our energy flow. The disease will start in the energy field and then become transmuted to the level where it manifests as a physical condition. The cause of the disease is often psychological or physical trauma and sometimes both. In order for healing to take place there has to be rebalancing of the energy body; what caused the disease to manifest has to be dealt with and the necessary lifestyle changes need to be made. A change in life leading to a stronger connection with the higher self is required. Our thoughts affect our auras which in turn affects the physical body. (Brennan 1988:7)

Crystal healing works on the principle that every cell in the body vibrates at a specific frequency. When these frequencies change from the natural resonant frequency (our “healthy state”), we become ill. Crystals also oscillate at their own natural frequency. The natural healing frequency of the crystal is activated by the healer’s intention. As discussed in the theory section of this paper, energy from the universal energy field is channelled through the crystal. The crystal then transmits and amplifies the correct frequency to the cells in the body that require balancing. Then, following the laws of resonance, these cells are returned to their normal base frequency which will then bring the body back into harmony and restore health.

Human DNA that makes up the physical body is formed in a crystal lattice structure. Bio physicists put forward the supposition that that DNA within the human body is a liquid crystal (Gienger 1988). This in turn supports the theory that the crystalline lattice structure in every part of our body is in communication with the other parts by means of a responsive liquid crystalline medium. Liquid crystal is an ideal transmitter of communication, resonance, and coherence because it retains the lattice structure (such as that of a crystal) and is therefore a stable molecular structure. DNA functions not only as a protein builder but also as a medium for the storage, receiving, and communication of information.

In the Kalahari Bushmen healing dance (Simmons & Ahsian 2005), where the candidate is filled with life energy, every part of their body becomes aroused, hot, and begins shaking. If he/she grabs another person and hugs him/her, that person also begins shaking and may turn and grab someone else. One by one, everyone begins literally vibrate with this pulsing energy.

However in Western culture and other contemporary cultures (such as Chinese medicine), this phenomena becomes constrained and resultantly is limited to manifestation through more subtle practices, such as "therapeutic entrainment." This is demonstrated when a specific crystal is placed on the human body, the DNA then picks up the vibration of the crystal and begins to vibrate at the same frequency.

The development of scientific equipment that cells emit electromagnetic energy has proven this to be so. Various stones carry different frequencies: some low and some at the upper range. These stones are well suited for healing on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. For example, hematite vibrates at a low frequency and is useful for to ground the patient — which requires that their vibrational frequency be lowered in order to restore health.

Each crystal vibrates in its own unique frequency. Crystal vibrations are routinely measured by infrared and Raman spectroscopy. Some have a very narrow spectrum and others have a far greater range. Crystals and stones carry the entire spectrums of light energy available to us, from the low frequencies needed for physical balance to the very high frequencies needed for spiritual work.

Every being in the planet is part of the universal energy field that consists of electromagnetic or light energy. If any of our systems are out of balance, our health will be compromised. Crystals can be especially helpful in balancing the systems within the body. The crystals act as an electromagnetic distribution system for the Earth.

“When we bring the crystal into our electromagnetic field, two things occur. The electromagnetic frequencies carried by the stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third larger vibration field. The nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and transmits this information to the brain. Here the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body and shift brain function to open the client / patient to emotional experiences.” [Simmons & Ahsian 2005:28]

It has also been found that humans have tiny particles of minerals in their bodies that operate on the same frequencies as the minerals in the crystal, so they too will start to move into resonance. For example, if a person holds a calcite crystal, the vibration of the calcium molecules in the crystal triggers the calcium particles in the body to move into resonance with the crystal. This creates a third, larger field with the signature of calcium. The brain gets the information from the nervous system that there is more calcium in your body. The brain then adjusts the body's chemistry, fooled into accepting there is more calcium in the body, and this in turn triggers physical healing of any illness pertaining to a lack of calcium within the body. Also it is basic medicine to perform a simple blood test to establish that the client is suffering from a lack of calcium. Thus if you were treating a client with osteoporosis the client in this position would benefit from treatment with crystal healing using calcite crystals.

Our planet Earth is a living breathing organism that is in many respects comparable to the human body. The Earth has continental plates that are always undergoing continual motion. This represents the energy of the Earth. In the fiery depths of the Earth there are volcanoes and incredibly hot thermal currents that meltdown stone. This is the Earths fire element. The rivers and oceans form the circulation system of the Earth and it is natural this would be the element of water. The Earths air element is represented by the winds. Thus when all four elements are empowered at once, then we experience the storm Element. All of these elements work in conjunction in order to balance the Earth. In our bodies we have five systems: the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. The electromagnetic field of the Earth is the Earths aura much like the humans electromagnetic field is the human’s aura. The electromagnetic energy of the Earth affects all of us and the health of the Earth is very important so that the health of the organisms she supports is maintained. The Earth’s systems follow the same principles as the human body. If the Earth’s rivers and oceans are polluted, it will affect the Earths circulation and consequentially if there is a lack of clean water to drink, our bodies’ circulatory system will run into trouble. The crystals from the Earth relate to the physical elements within the human body.

In our bodies the physical level of vibration is governed by the Earth element, the energetic level by the fire element, the emotional level by the water element, the mental level by the wind element and the spiritual level by the storm element. Each crystal is related to an element.

Earth Element crystals

Stones that are related to the Earth element are lower in frequency and are often magnetic stones. These relate to the physical level of our being. They enable one to be more present in the physical body and help one to feel more grounded in the Earth. They also balance the Earth Star chakra which is about 6 inches below our feet. They also balance the root chakra. Earth stones support the solid structures in our bodies such as bones and muscles. They also help with changes in the structure of our lives such as moving house or changing careers. This relates to our being grounded in this physical plane and having enough material resources to feel safe and secure. Take for example, the crystal, Magnetite. This is made up of Magnesium. Magnesium is vital in bone structure and for hundreds of chemical reactions throughout the body. If you were to have a lack of magnesium in your body you would start to suffer with severe muscle spasms, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, sleep problems and personality changes.

Fire Element crystals

The energetic level is governed by fire stones. These help to strengthen the energetic systems of the body. They govern the energy flow through the chakras and meridians. They help with the reproductive, digestive and endocrine systems. Fire governs how we experience and put our energy in this world. Fire crystals affect the sacral and solar plexus chakras. These chakras affect our will and personal power and our ability to create. Fire symbolizes motivation and creativity we always speak of getting the creative fires going putting a fire under someone’s butt.

Water Element crystals

The water element stones govern the emotional body and physical body systems such as circulation, lymphatic system and bodily fluids. Water has to do with releasing the past and flowing gently towards the future. It has to do with love, compassion and expression of those feelings with the truth. The element of water relates to the heart and throat chakras. These crystals also relate to all aspects of relationships.

Wind element stones

The wind element stones govern the mental aspect as well as our ability to open the doorway of the spirit world. This element balances the third eye and chakras. Physically it relates to mental cognition and enhanced mental function. These crystals help us in the art of meditation.

Storm element stones

Storm element crystals are used when there is a major transformation needed or cleansing and balancing. These crystals work at many different levels which affect all other systems of the body. They should only be used for short periods and also relate to the soul star chakra which is situated 6 inches above our crown.

How the crystals work

The way in which crystals are able to move vibrations into the physical realm is through means of their base resonance vibrations. Everything in the universe vibrates and crystals bring about healing through using the law of resonance.

The law of Resonance: When two bodies meet the one with the highest amplitude will bring the other into resonance with it. If you start a big tuning fork on a wood base in one end of a room, and have a similar tuned big tuning fork on a wooden base (amplifier) somewhere else in the room, the tuning fork that you did not touch will start by itself, sparked into reaction by the first tuning fork.

In human terms we find that when one vibrating system [physical body] comes into contact with another vibrating system [like a crystal] then the vibration of the weaker body will adjust its vibration to match that of the stronger body. For example: If we have a group chanting and the lead chanter has a strong tone all the other people chanting will fall into resonance with that person and they will all chant on the same note.

The brain has an electromagnetic field that reaches out to four feet from the body but the heart is sixty times stronger electrically and five thousand times stronger magnetically than the brain so the heart has an electromagnetic field of twelve feet away from the physical body. We can sense a person’s energy field when they are 24 feet away from us.

“With a properly cut crystal a healer can, like a surgeon cutting away a tumor, release negative patterns in the energy body, and allowing the physical body to return to a state of wholeness. A crystal works like a laser as it takes scattered energy and is able to collect and focus the energy into a coherent powerful directional force.” [Gerber 2001:339]

When healing energy is focused through Quartz crystal, the crystal then amplifies the energy and energies into the part of the subtle anatomy most in need of healing.

Another school of thought is that the crystals may then be categorized according to their structure. The geometric patterns are thought to influence different levels of subtle systems. Each geometric pattern gives rise to a specific vibration.

Crystalline structure Example Function Related chakra
Trigonal Bloodstone, Carnelian Continually give off energy and balance the subtle body and meridians Root
Cubic Diamonds, Garnets Their energy patterns help repair damaged cellular structures from DNA to the skeletal structure Sacral
Hexagonal Emeralds, Beryl They give off energy that encourages growth and vitality. Can be used for healing, balancing energy, communication. They enhance creativity Solar plexus
Tetragonal Wulfenite, Zircon Absorb negative energy and transmute it into positive energy. Good for attunement to higher dimensions Heart
Orthorhombic Peridot, Topaz Assist in bringing perspective to issues that are out of proportion. They magnify and remove what is not important Throat
Monoclinic Azurite, Moonstone Facilitate expansion and growth and clear away blocks to inner vision Brow
Triclinic Turquoise, Rhodonite Balance energy that it out of alignment and help with attainment to higher dimensions Crown

Other uses of crystals:

  1. You can use crystals in order to alter the climate of a room e.g. Amethyst geode or Smokey Quartz which will attract negative energy and transmute it into light.
  2. Slices of crystals such as Agate make gorgeous wind chimes and the soothing sounds they make are calming.
  3. Tumbled crystals are very pretty and smooth and are also very good to carry in your pocket as, depending on the stone, they positively affect the subtle energy body. For example, carrying tourmaline repels negative energy, so carrying this when you know you will be faced with negativity in certain circumstances in your day will help you.
  4. A Thumb stone (or worry stone) is a crystal tumbled with an indentation for you to rub with your thumb. This helps to soothe and calm.
  5. Jewelry is an excellent way to wear healing crystals. Common forms used are pendants, crystals pierced and threaded as beads on a necklace or in earrings. Wearing or carrying healing crystals are ways of keeping the stone close to your body for a long period. They need to be carried or worn until there is a clear improvement in the situation.
  6. “Donuts” are flat, round crystals with a hole in the middle which are usually worn to bring good luck. In the past, amber was often worn in this way to bring the wearer luck.
  7. Crystal pyramids are used to concentrate energy, recharge other crystals and as a means of drawing energy into an area.
  8. Crystal spheres can be used for meditation and healing.
  9. Wands are made of metal or wood, with a crystal on one or both ends. These are mainly used for healing, but can also be used in acupressure massage.
  10. Gem essences are made by infusing water with crystal energy. The resultant essence can be taken internally, applied externally or used in poultices, infusions and baths.

These examples of other uses of crystals serve to highlight how crystals mean many different things to different people. In addition to being a healing tool within the modality of crystal healing, they can be a gift for a loved one, used as jewelry, something beautiful to admire or a teacher. Whatever purpose they may serve, they are beautiful gifts from the Earth.

Many people have an intuitive affinity to crystals and are drawn to certain crystals at certain times in their lives. The role of the crystal healer is to assist by knowing which crystals might assist in certain circumstances and then be able to help a patient’s road to recovery by applying a body of knowledge about crystals to the history the patient provides.

Case Studies

The best way to illustrate how the principles I have discussed in this paper have real-life application is to describe three case studies from my life and practice. The first, drawn from my own life, illustrates how we are often intuitively drawn to the crystal we need at certain times in our lives, even when we don’t know what the properties of a particular crystal are or what ails us. The second and third case studies illustrate how the energy fields of the main constituent element in a crystal can influence the physical body on a cellular level to promote healing.

Case study 1:

I have had a lifelong fascination for crystals and have been collecting them since I was five years old. When I held one in my hand I felt different, sometimes happier and, at other times, calmer. This was not something I could explain.

Initially, I just loved all the different colors and all the intricate shapes and sizes. I always preferred the raw cut ones. Then I found that, at different times, I would choose a particular crystal, carry it around with me and keep it on my bedside table at night. Looking back, I realize that I was instinctively using crystals to heal myself or help myself cope with different stresses.

When I was ten years old, I lost my father and I became inseparable from a rose quartz heart. It somehow helped me through my grief. I now know that this is a crystal that helps in dealing with grief and brings the energy of unconditional love right through all the energy bodies to the physical.

As I reflect on this personal experience now that I know so much more about crystals, the etheric and physical body and healing, I am surprised at how accurate our intuitive selves can be. As a result, when working with child patients, I now often ask them to choose a crystal from a tray in order to get a first insight into their problem (particularly when it is emotional rather than overtly physical). I am continually amazed at how they instinctively choose the crystal that is appropriate for their condition. Often, I get them to describe what they feel as they hold the crystal they have chosen, as this gets them to verbalize the problem they are facing.


Crystal healing is a modality that relies on the interplay between the human energy field and crystal energy. This interplay is neither random nor inexplicable. It can be explained using the terms and theories of energy and its behavior that are coming out of research into quantum physics.

In this paper, I have started by outlining some of the key theories coming out of physics research within the branch of physics called quantum physics in order to explain the scientific basis for crystal healing as a modality.

Quantum physics has evolved as a means to explain phenomena that “mainstream” or Newtonian physics cannot and has shown scientists that a different view of energy to that accepted in Newtonian physics is required by scientists. The research output of quantum physics is providing a picture of energy more closely linked to the one underpinning crystal healing as a modality.. For those of us using crystals for healing, it has just substantiated what we have always known, but not always been able to explain: that the vibrations within the crystals have an effect on the vibrations of other objects and living beings.

Then, I have described the way crystals are formed with an emphasis on the chemical and energetic aspects of crystals in order to explain how the theories of energy apply to crystal structures. Of particular interest to crystal healing, are the seven crystal lattice structures, as they relate directly to the vibrational frequency of each crystal, which is central to its use in healing.

The next concept discussed in this paper really brings all the theory to bear on the fundamental starting point of crystal healing as a modality: that we each have an energetic body as well as a physical body. This is the human energy field (the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the physical body, also known as the auric field or aura). The human energy field is discussed with particular reference to how the crystal energy field interacts with the auric field to effect change in energy vibration — and thereby healing.

In the second section of the paper, an overview of the history of the human use of crystals was outlined to provide background to the evolution of the modality before a discussion of various case studies was used to synthesize the theory outlined in the first section of the paper.

From the above, it is clear that:

Quantum science has shown that everything that surrounds us, including ourselves, is a seething mass of energy. We know that every particle has an impact on the particles that surround it and this affects the energetic formation of our surroundings. As humans we are surrounded by an electromagnetic field known as the Aura. In order for our physical body to remain in a state of health the molecules in the aura and physical body need to resonate at the base frequency that is healthy.

When the base resonant frequency of a part, or the whole of our body becomes discordant then problems start to develop. Crystal healing is a modality used to bring the vibration of the body back into harmony and thus improve and condition related to disease or discomfort. In crystal healing, the energy within the crystal is brought close to the patient’s energy field and used to influence the vibration of the patient’s energy field to bring about healing. While different cultures have used crystals in slightly different ways, the common thread is that, throughout human history, we have used and revered crystals.

This paper has shown how crystal healing needs to be regarded as a science-based alternative healing modality. While many people may have regarded this to be a pseudo-science and would not consider consulting a crystal healing practitioner, I believe the evidence put forward in this paper proves that crystal healing has a solid foundation in science and should be given the recognition it deserves.


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Article by Aleph-Healing

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