Crystal grids - a conversation with the sacred by Anja of Woodlights Woudlicht




Anja creates and posts crystal grids daily on her instagram feed. Her grids radiate such beautiful energy and inspire me on the days I don't have time to create my own grids. I asked her to create a Crystal Grid and Poem for Sacred Light. Here it is in all of its beauty. For those of you who love crystals and want to learn more about crystal gridding, I will be hosting a grid class very soon.  I'm leaving the Sacred Light space at the end of April so it will be before then :)

Anja has articulated in a very poetic way, what it feels like to be part of creating a crystal grid. 

This grid embraces Watermelon Tourmaline, Rubellite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rubellite in Quartz, Hiddenite, Rhodonite, Rodochrosite, Honey Calcite, Aquamarine, Quartz and Ribes Sanguineum Flowers

"To love is to be whole"

Crystal grids - a conversation with the sacred by Anja of Woodlights Woudlicht 

When I was asked to write a guest blog about crystal grids and crystal gridding by sweet soul Arlene I thought: ok, why not...never imagining it would be so hard to put into words a world so close to me, Anja of Woodlights Woudlicht...How does one write down something that envelops one's soul and releases the whole...

Crystal grids are formations born out of an intention, a wish, a desire, a message, vibrations passing by, a conversation with the divine, an encounter with the essence of life, a dance with light....

The silence is present. It is a sacred space when one senses and opens up and crystals, stones, rocks and minerals reveal themselves. A realm where nothing one says would add value. It is the dimension of vibrations, energy and frequencies - the gathering of the light beings that speak in a thousand of symphonies, being laid down. Mindlessly, mindfully...not of this time nor space. An assembly of masters inviting portals to open. A story that unravels with my hands moving, dancing on the sound of the whispers of the stones. I just listen and by one the stones form a pattern, a grid, a kingdom traveled with their message to be sent out. Fearlessly, relentlessly, in surrender to the highest and in a deep bow of gratitude. An eruption of energy, an embrace with eternity, an energetic force field taking you along the edges, the center, the heights and the depths. It is a journey with the masters of the crystal world embracing you into reality, welcoming you to the essence, our very soul.

This is how my crystal grids are born.
I just listen and remember where I belong, where I am home.

Much love to you,
Woodlights Woudlicht