December Full Moon 2018 - Sacred Light Soundbaths and Crystals

December Full Moon 2018

"The December 22nd Full Moon falls in the water sign of Cancer and is one of the most potent of the year. It brings a mixed bag of energy, representing completion, release, and new beginnings all at the same time. In a sense, this Full Moon is helping us to wrap up the year gone by, but it is also preparing us for what’s ahead as well. On this Full Moon, we are going to feel encouraged to release the year, to let go of any heavy or dead weight we are carrying, and to surrender to all that was and all that has been. There is no changing the past, and there is no use in feeling regret. All we can do is look forward, and take the necessary steps and actions that are in our control. All else can fade away, and be released to Mother Moon for clearing so that we can start a new chapter with a clean, fresh slate. Along with this energy of clearing and completion, we also have this air of new beginnings too. It’s almost like this Full Moon will be preparing us for what’s to come and guiding us as to what energies, themes, and lessons we may be working within the new year. This Full Moon is special because it falls at zero degrees of Cancer. Whenever a Full Moon, or any other planet for that matter, falls at zero degrees, it signifies infinite possibilities and an opening of opportunity. All through 2019, and even through part of 2020, we have a new Eclipse cycle starting involving both Cancer and Capricorn. This makes this Full Moon not only the last of the year but also the last Cancer Full Moon we will have for a while. All of the other Cancer Lunar cycles from this point forward will be Eclipses, and this theme will continue until 2020. Seeing as this is the last Cancer Full Moon for a while, it is going to unlock a new portal of energy and give us some clues as to what this new string of Cancer Eclipses may have in store for us. December’s Cancer Full Moon is like the entrance point to this new journey and will start paving the way forward for a huge cycle of growth that will unfold over the coming years. Under this Cancer Full Moon, try to still your mind and soften your soul. Try to tune in to the soft, still voice from within and see if you can hear the whispers or the messages of the Universe calling to you. Observe the theme of what surrounds you, as it’s likely that this Full Moon will tell a story that you can come back to at some point in the future. On this sensitive Full Moon, we may also feel issues with our home and family life arising. Cancer is the sign that rules over matters in the home and with our family, so pay attention to these areas, as this is where a lot of the Full Moon energy is likely to manifest. If any issues do arise, it is important to use Cancerian energy as your guide and practice compassion, forgiveness, and selflessness as much as possible. Use this watery Cancer energy to see things from other people’s point of view and to lend an ear to those in need. Don’t try to offer advice in the hopes of fixing a situation, instead listen, as sometimes all we want is to be heard. Emotions may be sensitive around this Full Moon, so try to float above all of this and keep your energy protected. Using crystals, reciting mantras, and visualizing a protective white light around you can all help with this. The last Full Moon for the year is a gentle one, but it tells a bigger story. It is the entrance point to a new unfolding of energy that will be with us for years to come. Bathe in the gentle light of this Full Moon, give thanks for all you have been given and all you have achieved, count your blessings, and spend time with loved ones that you hold dear. Feel your connection to spirit and the earth, know you are not alone and know that 2019 holds the promise of being a better, brighter year, where you can continue to fill your heart and shine your light. For that is all the world needs from you." Written by Forever Conscious