February New Moon in Aquarius 2019 - Sacred Light Soundbaths and Crystals

February New Moon in Aquarius 2019

"The New Moon on February 4th falls in the sign of Aquarius and holds beautiful, abundant, glittering energy for us all.

After the intensity of the Blood Moon Eclipse, the February New Moon brings welcomed relief and will be helping to soften and soothe any aches or pains we may be feeling.

February’s New Moon is truly one of the best this year, and carries with it an optimistic vibration and one that will help all of us to take that leap into the new.

Since the start of the year, we have been walking the bridge between the old and the new. We have been clearing the past and building bricks towards our future. Perhaps it is has not been very clear what direction we must turn, but now with this New Moon in all its glory, we are going to see more of the path unfolding.

This New Moon is the perfect time to plant seeds and set intentions, as whatever you put action and attention to will surely blossom into the biggest, brightest flower under this energy.

This is a New Moon to make plans and take action. This is a New Moon to begin new projects and new ventures. This is a New Moon to leap from our comfort zones and go after our wildest dreams and wishes.

Under the unique vibration of this Aquarius New Moon, you are going to be encouraged to take that leap, and to upgrade your life to a whole new level.

No more playing small, no more dumbing down your life or following the status quo, this is a time to rise and claim your power. This is a time to live up to the truth of your soul.

It is time to take your crown. It is time to sit upon the throne of your life and command with an open heart and an open mind.

It is time for you to take your place, to get out of the shadows, and birth forth into the light.

You must put an end to the bad habits, to the repeated patterns, to the beliefs that are leaving you stuck, and the only way to do this, the only way to begin with this journey is to love yourself, to release yourself from judgement, and to begin embracing all that you are.

We don’t always get a say in what events come our way or where life will lead us, but we do have the power to make of it what we will, and on this New Moon, under this energy, the Universe will be listening, and will be working with us in order to help us get what we want.

To guarantee our success, we have to first align, we have to align to the beat of our soul and of our heart, we have to join forces with our self and then listen to the wisdom that unfolds.

When we do this, when we align in this way, we become One with ourselves and the Universe, and what we want is delivered to us with more speed and more grace.

It is possible to manifest an abundance of beautiful moments here on this earthly dimension, but it all begins with our mindset. It all begins with how well we listen to our soul and rise up in order to express that soul energy forward in our lives.

Under this New Moon energy, we have to stand tall in who we are. We have to give, we have to live, we have to allow all that we are to radiate out. We have to welcome in this energy into every corner of our lives, and then begin taking action to ensure that it sticks." Insights written by Forever Conscious