New Moon in Gemini May 2020 - Sacred Light Soundbaths and Crystals

New Moon in Gemini May 2020

The Gemini New Moon on May 22, 2020 is a busy one. It strengthens the Pleiadean Portal and involves energy from Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn.

All of this cosmic activity may feel a little overwhelming, but there is a way we can use it to our advantage.

The New Moon represents the start of new lunar cycle. It is a time to plant seeds, set intentions, and to think about what we wish to create. But it is also a time of turning inward.

Think of the New Moon like a seed that has been planted. The seed is programmed with a certain code but there is lies, buried in the dark soil, uncertain of what’s to come or what it will turn out to be.

The New Moon is really the Dark Moon, when the night sky is dark and there is no Moon visible in the sky.

This is a time of magic, of darkness – not the darkness that keeps you up at night, but the darkness of transformation, of unknowing.

There is magic in the unknowing. There is magic in being that seed that is waiting to sprout. It is how all creation begins and the New Moon is a time to honor and tune in to those creative powers.

As the New Moon falls in Gemini, the sign of the twins, we may feel pulled in two directions. We may feel our heart wanting to go one way, and our mind wanting to go the other.

Or, we may simply feel a sense of confusion, a sense of loss or even hopelessness. The dark night of the New Moon can seem endless, but the light will always return.

The Gemini twins also represent being connected to earth and connected to heaven. Being the bridge between these two states is what life is all about and we may be reminded of this on the New Moon.

How do we live connected to the physical reality we see and the spirit reality we feel?

Retrograde Saturn is active on this New Moon too and provides some grounded energy. It supports us in setting goals and thinking about things in a more practical and methodical way.

Saturn wants us to use our powers of creation on this New Moon to make wise choices that will stand the test of time.

Saturn calls for us get real with what is happening in our lives. It wants us to think about the long term and put plans in place as best we can.What steps and actions can you take on this New Moon that will support and nourish your future and where you wish to head?

While Saturn adds some practicality and earthiness, we also have strong water and air energy floating in from Mercury, Venus, and Neptune.

Mercury and Retrograde Venus will be at the exact same degree of the zodiac- 20 degrees of Gemini, at the time of this New Moon.

This cosmic duo teaming up are a beautiful match, but they both make alignments to Neptune and this is where the clouds roll in.

Neptune is the planet of spirituality and dreams, but also illusions. Neptune can color our reality, allowing us to see new potentials but also, fogginess.

With Venus Retrograde and Neptune’s presence here, we may feel a little confused about which way to turn. This energy may enhance that feeling of being pulled in two directions or create a feeling of disconnect between our heart and mind.

In order to navigate this energy, go within to the place of your own inner knowing.

We have so much energy in the cosmos right now supporting us to dive in deep and to trust the process that is unfolding around us.

Rather than getting lost indecision, we are asked to wait and trust that we will be guided to the right answers.

The right answers are always there, and with a gentle patience, we will break free of the fog and find our way to where we need to be.

The Gemini New Moon may make us feel that we have been buried in the darkness, but that only means we are on a journey of finding our way to a new light.

This is a powerful time for ritual work, for setting intentions, and for thinking about our long term plans.

While we don’t have to map out our entire lives, these planets come together to help us figure out what we want and what we are willing to do to make it happen.

Trust your inner wisdom, and if you feel confused, retreat within. Give yourself permission to wait until the right answer floats up and you are met with knowing." Written by  Forever Conscious