New Moon in Taurus 2020 - Sacred Light Soundbaths and Crystals

New Moon in Taurus 2020

New Moon in Taurus 2020
Our opportunity to build a better future is here. Under the power of the Taurus New Moon, we are being called to think about what we wish to create. We are being asked to set a goal and take small, methodical steps in order to achieve it.
The Taurus New Moon on April 22, reminds us that a grand new beginning is on the horizon. This grand new beginning has not yet arrived, but it is slowly drawing closer, and this New Moon is our stepping stone on the path towards it.
Create some space, hold an intention for the life that you wish to lead. Step out of your present situation for a moment and ask yourself, what can I become? How does my journey progress from this point forward?
Even as you are reading this, perhaps take a pause to think about where you would like the direction of your life to go. Make a wish, hold it close. Don’t worry about how “real” it is, just put it out there for yourself and for the Universe.
The sky will be dark under the Taurus New Moon, but this darkness only serves to draw us within. We are being asked to fantasize about where we wish to head, but we are also being asked to sit with our shadows too.
When you sit with your shadows, what do they share with you?
They may feel dark and scary, they may trigger a flutter of your heart or a storm of butterflies in your belly, but keep reminding yourself that you are safe.
Sitting with your shadows is about acknowledging your deepest fears. It is acknowledging what is behind your anxiety or behind that feeling of insecurity that floats up from time to time.
The thing with shadow work is that it can often feel overwhelming, but simply bringing what you find into the light is very often all it takes to begin your journey to greater healing.
On this New Moon, identify your fears. Expose them, allow yourself to hear them. Write them down so they are in the light, and then you may just find that they no longer have such a grip.
There are challenging energies that are being stirred in the world around us now. We don’t need astrology or Mother Moon to tell us that. But what we can understand and learn from the cosmos above, is that a new cycle is on the way.
Just like the Moon goes through its own phases, so do we all, and so does the state of the world.
We all ebb and flow through cycles of change. It is inevitable and the only thing that is really predictable.
Uranus, the planet of change is very active under this New Moon. Uranus likes to shake things in order to awaken us, but its presence can also feel upsetting and chaotic.
Along with Uranus being active, we also have Saturn active too. If Uranus is about shaking things up, Saturn is about keeping things the same and honoring the traditions of the past.
These two seemingly opposite energies are both going to be highlighted at this time. We may feel this duality within us, but we may also see it playing out on the world stage.
Uranus wants the ways of the past to crumble so it can revolutionize and rebuild something new. Saturn wants the change to stop so we can just go back to the way things were.
Do we want to go back to the way things were or do we want something new, something different, something better?
These two energies are not here to battle, rather they are here to work together.
This is an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge our past and the gifts it has shared, but to also start thinking about how we would like to move forward.
 We don’t need to forget our goals and dreams, but something has to change, something has to be different this time around.
Our past gives us guidance but it is our job now to take this guidance and start using it to pave a way for a different future.
Under all the challenging vibrations this April New Moon offers, there is a vibration of hope too.
My wish is that you allow this vibration of hope to enter your being, allow it to flood your entire mind, body, and soul, and give yourself permission to start daydreaming about this new life you wish to create.
On a global level, it may feel like we are in between two worlds and both Saturn and Uranus can amplify that, but we can soften this feeling by taking charge of what seeds we would like to start planting today.
The familiarity of the past can be our guide, but the hope and the promise of the future can guide us to think bigger and better.
There are chances here to upgrade and change our lives, and the Taurus New Moon represents a time where we can plant those seeds.This is your invitation from the Universe, what seeds will you start planting?