New Year Collection

The New Year offers a new opportunity for us to make progress within our lives, whether it is spiritual, mental, physical, or emotional. It signifies rebirth and starting fresh, starting with the first step, which is the intention that you set for the new year. Sacred Light's New Year Collection encompasses various intentions for your spiritual need, from love, abundance, protection, and spiritual growth.

To read more about New Year Rituals, visit our blog post here.

  1. Abundance Crystal Grid Kit
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  1. Abundance Gem Stone Set
  1. Abundance Organic Roll-On Perfume and Citrine Crystal
  1. Abundance Trio Earrings
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  1. Anti Anxiety Gem Stone Set
  1. Anti Anxiety Trio Earrings
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  1. Chakra Alignment Earring Set
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  1. Chakra Alignment Large Gem Stone set in wood gift box
  1. Chakra Alignment Small Gem Stone Set
  1. Divine Light Candle
  1. Focus Organic Roll-On Perfume and Sodalite Crystal
  1. High Vibration Gem Stone Set
  1. Intuition Organic Roll-On Perfume and Fluorite Crystal
  1. Joy and Abundance Candle
  1. Love Candle
  1. Love Crystal Grid Kit
  1. Love Gem Stone Set
  1. Love Organic Roll-On Perfume and Rose Quartz Crystal
  1. Love Trio Earrings
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  1. Love/Protection/Abundance  Trio Earrings
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  1. Loving Space Clearing Box Set
  1. Medium Sage Bundle
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  1. Palo Santo Trio Pack
  1. Protection Crystal Grid Kit