Libra Full Moon 2021

Libra Full Moon 2021

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"The Libra Full Moon on March 28 carries some beautiful, high-powered energies for healing, protection, and harmony.

At the time of this Libra Full Moon, Venus, Chiron, and the Sun will all be aligned. The Moon will also make a perfect triangle configuration to both Saturn and Mars, known as a Grand Trine. Furthermore, this Full Moon will be nice and close to Earth, not quite a Super Moon but pretty close to one!

All of this combined gives the March Full Moon some potent energies, and it’s likely we will be able to feel its vibrations coursing through our body.

Full Moons are always a time of release, and as this is the first Full Moon since the start of the Equinox and astrological new year, we may find ourselves naturally purging and clearing the past.

A new chapter, a new zodiac wheel has started, and this Full Moon is supporting us to let go of all that we no longer need to carry and to create space for new energies to unfold.

When we first started this zodiac cycle back in March of 2020, the world was a different place. We have all changed. We have all evolved and grown.

We have all had new experiences that have shaped and moved us, and this Full Moon is our chance to acknowledge and release all that no longer needs to be with us.

The Libra energy of this Full Moon also supports us in finding a balance between the old state of what once was and the new state of what could be, and the grace and discernment that is needed to either hold on or let go.

The presence of Chiron and Venus along with the Sun also colors the energy of this Full Moon.

Chiron is an asteroid known as the wounded healer. It represents the wounds that we come into this life with and the wounds we inherit along the way.

These wounds are not the sort that ever pass, rather they are the ones that are forever stitched into the fabric of our journey.

While these wounds injure us, they also serve to make us whole and can be viewed as a key part of our soul journey.

It is these wounds, that give us the compassion, the strength, and the wisdom to rise up into a new power, and into a truer and more authentic version of ourselves.

It is through transcending these wounds that we are able to heal and inspire not just ourselves, but also those around us.

Chiron is currently in Aries, reminding us that this is not a time to lick our wounds but rather, to allow them to serve as fuel to help us rise up into our inner warrior.

The presence of Venus in this alignment of planets also softens the energy, reminding us that our rising can happen in our own time, in our own way, and from a place of love.

This combination of energy is soft and sensitive, allowing us to open to the truth of who we are. We are perfect just as we are; we deserve to be accepted just as we are.

You are whole, and beautiful, and perfect just as you are.

The other cosmic configuration that sweetens this Libra Full Moon is the Grand Trine alignment between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn.

These three will form a perfect triangle, which is said to bring protection, harmony, and ease.

A Grand Trine is considered a positive omen, where things flow in an easy and smooth direction.

Both Mars and Saturn can be intense planets to work with, but in this formation, they offer us motivation, dedication, longevity, and the willpower to make it through any difficulties.

This Full Moon Grand Trine is a sign, that whatever hardship or struggles we are currently facing will soon pass, especially if we take positive action, use our inner strength, and source from the wisdom of those that have come before us.

Grand Trines flow with minimal effort, so if you are looking for a solution at this time, know that it is likely to arise from a place of ease rather than struggle.

The combination of Mars, Saturn, and the Moon also indicates rewards after hard work. Your efforts are likely to be rewarded, and you may find that projects and goals you have been working on bud and blossom into a new fullness.

Full Moons also represent harvest and completion points, so you may find yourself at the end of the road on a long journey you have been working hard to complete.

Think of this March Full Moon as a graduation point, and a time to celebrate all you have achieved and all you have become." Written by Forever Conscious