May 2021 Super Full Moon Eclipse

May 2021 Super Full Moon Eclipse

May 2021 Super Full Moon Eclipse

"The Super Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26, 2021, is a rare celestial event. On this night, the bright, luminous Super Full Moon will appear bigger than usual in the night sky, and turn a brilliant shade of red as it eclipsed by the shadow of the earth.

Blood Moon Eclipses are rare, and get their name due to the reddish hue the Moon takes on when there is a total eclipse.

The last time we had a Blood Moon Eclipse was back in January 2019, so this will be something special to experience, especially if we can see it from our corner of the world.

In astrology, Blood Moon Eclipses are said to bring sudden change or a need to transform or shift our lives in a new direction.

On a Blood Moon Eclipse, we may find that something is released from our lives or a path is cleared for us, even if we weren’t necessarily looking for a clearing.

The thing with Eclipses is that they put us where we need to be. They represent portals that elevate and push us to that next chapter and to a higher evolution of our soul. They represent a quantum jump into a new and higher state of consciousness.

Trust what falls away from your life around the time of an Eclipse, even if it feels challenging, for Eclipses are often direct messsages from the Universe that it’s time to let go.

This Blood Moon Eclipse falls in the sign of Sagittarius and is part of an Eclipse cycle that began in May 2020.

Sagittarius rules over the higher mind and wisdom. Its energy allows us to focus on the bigger picture and to see things from a more expansive point of view.

Represented by the arrow of the archer, Sagittarius energy allows us to set our intentions and aim our arrow in that direction. Even though our intention guides its journey, it is not in our control where it is going to land.

Whatever unfolds at the time of this Eclipse, connect with some of this Sagittarian energy for guidance. Use it to focus on the bigger picture, see if you can expand your mindset, and look at things from a more abundant perspective. You may also find it helpful to trace back to the events that have transpired when this Eclipse cycle first began in May 2020.

Honor wherever your arrow has landed, even if it’s not where you thought it would end up. Know that the time will soon come for new intentions to be set, and a new adventure to unfold.

Eclipses typically come in pairs, and the sister Eclipse to this one is a Solar Eclipse on June 11th, 2021. It is at this June Eclipse that we will get the opportunity to set those intentions and to forge new adventures from any paths that have been cleared.

Due to the nature of this May Super Blood Moon Eclipse, we may also discover secrets or hidden information rising to the surface. It is this information that may inspire change or transformation, but it is this information that can also give rise to an awakening.

Knowledge is power, and we may very well find that this new information can give us much-needed clarity and answers to where we are heading and what our next steps need to be.

Mercury, the planet of communication will be close to Venus at the time of this Eclipse, signaling a time to speak from the heart, to speak with compassion, and to come from a place of love, not fear.

Eclipses can affect us all differently, but we are all bound to feel the deep stir of emotions that they can bring.

Full Moons are always a time where our own emotions can bubble to the surface, and on an Eclipse, especially a Blood Moon Eclipse, this can be amplified.

As the Moon falls into the darkness, it symbolizes all of our own dark emotions rising to the surface. All of the shadows that have lurked behind the scenes suddenly come into our awareness.

Honor any emotions that come, but if you begin to feel overwhelmed, it may help to give yourself space and compassion until the Eclipse energies have passed.

Jupiter, which can act like a magnifier, is also very active during this Eclipse, which can add to this energy.

Keep in mind however that on the other side of the Eclipse, things can feel clearer and it can be easier to make sense of any emotions.

As Eclipses are powerful, we may not reach the other side of its energy until the Solar Eclipse of June, so be patient and know that this too shall pass.

Blood Moon Eclipses are also said to bring an increase in extreme weather and can also amplify tensions that are playing out on the global stage.

In ancient astrology, Blood Moon Eclipses were seen as bad omens for the Kings, Queens, and country rulers. There are also superstitions that Blood Moon Eclipses can be a time where darkness can flourish.

Darkness has long believed to be a negative, however it is an expression of the feminine and nothing to be feared. It is in the darkness that we can transform; it is in the darkness that we can connect with our own spirit, and it is in the darkness that we can dream of a brighter and better world for all.

As the shadow falls across the face of the Moon, our intuitive, hidden powers are elevated. We are encouraged to take our focus off of this 3D world and enter into the unseen world of spirit, higher consciousness, and infinite possibilities.

Eclipses are magical events that are gifts from the Universe and put us where we need to be. They challenge us to walk that bridge into a new state of our evolution. They bring change but they also bring awakening and an opportunity to level up on our soul path.

We are all here on a soul mission of sorts, and it is Eclipses, particularly Blood Moon Eclipses, that can remind us why we are here, what our soul mission and purpose is, and how we can elevate to a higher level of being.

Lean in to the lessons and the journey of this Eclipse. Use its presence to connect with your inner, true self. Recognize that any changes or transformations that unfold are part of your destiny and are there to take you to the next chapter of your evolution." Written by Forever Conscious